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Ultraviolet Nanowave Disinfection for Small Flow Wastewater Treatment Plants
Designed specifically for small municipal, commercial, and residential wastewater treatment plants, UVIREX ultraviolet wastewater disinfectors replace the need to chlorinate and dechlorinate your wastewater treatment system’s effluent. UVIREX keeps you in compliance of your discharge permit limits while ridding your facility and the environment of hazardous chemicals.

Simple, Affordable, Highly Effective
UVIREX was developed through coordination with experienced wastewater operators to fill the void for an affordable, effective UV treatment solution for small flow wastewater treatment plants. Years of field research and development have produced a easy to install, simple, affordable to operate , and more effective treatment solution than other UV treatment options available on the market.
UVIREX 230 Series
For flows ranging between 16,000 gpd through 1,000,000 gpd. Typical applications include packaged wastewater treatment plants and small municipal systems.
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For flows up to 8 gpm or 11,500 gpd. Typical application is for residential "on site advanced septic systems."
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Proven, Technology
Ultraviolet disinfection for Wastewater
UV disinfection is effective at inactivating most pathogenic organisms found in treated wastewater. When UV radiation penetrates the cell wall of a pathogen it destroys the cell’s ability to reproduce. UVIREX accomplishes superior dosage this by..
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